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My Foodie Kitchen

1423 N. Cuyamaca St. El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone: (858) 859-2433
Kitchen Description:
My Foodie Kitchen is a commercial rental kitchen, available 24/7. Open to all food entrepreneurs....Personal Chefs, Caterers, Farmers Market Vendors, cooking instructors, recipe developers..... We offer a completely equipped, state of the art licensed, and insured shared facility paired with a clean, air-conditioned, and professional environment where you can start and grow your dream food venture. Our 2500 sq. ft. facility has 4 cooking stations, 2 baking stations, a processing room and even a conference room to meet your clients. Don't worry about space! At My Foodie Kitchen (MFK), you can easily test your recipes, prepare batch meals, bake large orders of delicious pastries, launch your catering business, produce and pack your food products, or conduct inspiring cooking classes. We are competitively priced, with various discounts depending on the time of day and volume of hours rented. Hourly rates range from $13 - $19 per hour.

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