is a site for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs find a place to produce their food product. This site was developed and designed by culinary and website experts, who found a need for an easy to use, straight and to-the-point website. Unlike other websites which have listings for commercial kitchens, we do not charge to list the kitchens. Our goal is for you to find a kitchen quickly and easily, and for kitchen owners to get tenants to keep them operating.

In the future, we hope this website will be used by academia in evaluating the practicality of widespread part-time commercial kitchen rentals. Up to this point it has been extremely hard for anyone to find data or statistics on where kitchens are, and how many tenants occupy part-time kitchens around the country. If you have any further questions please contact us here.

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Future plans for this site:
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Privacy and information about this website: is a not for profit website. Our advertisements fund the webserver only, and we do not sell any of our data. You may freely use any of the information on our website for private use, but we ask that you source us in any publications or presentations.

We give out statistics by request by contacting us here. Culinary Incubator is not responsible for any false information provided by our users on this website. If false information is found, please contact us (yet again) here so that we may investigate it further. Lastly, we do not collect data ourselves, all data is entered by the owners independently. We may send out emails or give a phone calls to kitchen facilities that we find on the internet, and suggest that they add themselves to